Spring 2019 

CIS-255: Client Side Web Application Development

Build, document and deploy browser-focused websites and web applications.

Communication and Contact Information

InstructorGeorge Corser, PhD
Email/PhoneUse Canvas mail, not email, for all course-related communication.
For non-course-related communication, email:gpcorser@svsu.edu, voicemail:989.964.2756
Office HoursBy appointment only, as early as 6:00am weekdays. Use Canvas mail to set up a meeting.
Class HoursNone. This is a completely online course. In-person lectures and labs may be scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Attendance is always optional. Lectures will generally be recorded using Echo 360 and the video will be posted on Canvas. See Canvas for announcements.



The code below can be used as starting point for assignments.

Example Student Home Page and Assignments

Use this home page as an example for your own work. These pages are deliberately incomplete, but they may provide additional insight beyond what is offered by the templates, above. If you copy code from this source, or any other source, cite the URL in a comment in your code.

Student Home Pages

Please review the pages of your fellow students.

  1. Alam, Shahamatul (000webhost)
  2. Baral, Rajan
  3. Bodeis, William
  4. Bunkley, Michael
  5. Johnson, Samuel (index.html)
  6. Karinen, Robert
  7. Lin, Zechao
  8. Literati, Polina (csis)
  9. Muntz, Ryan
  10. Peralta, Jayson
  11. Rippee, Austin
  12. Rohlof, Cameron (000webhost)
  13. Russell, Cody
  14. Schwier, Joshua
  15. Tavormina, Jacob
  16. Thompson, Anthony

External Videos